Thursday, 17 July 2008

Oradour sur Glane

Pictures from the Village of Martyrs at Oradour sur Glane in Limousin, France.

The village was razed by the SS Division "Das Reich" on June 10th, 1944. 642 people were killed and only 11 managed to escape. 328 buildings were destroyed and after the war then President de Gaulle ordered that the town should be preserved as a memorial to those who perished and to remind us all of the horrors of war.

A stark reminder as you enter the village of martyrs

Commemorative plaque in Oradour sur Glane

Only the exterior walls remain to tell the tale

The charred remains of a car

The road to nowhere

The remains of a pram lie in the church at Oradour sur Glane

Remains of a barn at Oradour sur Glane, Limousin, France

Not a sound to be heard

Time for a moment's reflection

For the full set of pictures of Oradour sur Glane go to Flickr.

Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau

One of the most picturesque chateaus in the Loire Valley in France.

Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau reflected in the moat

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Copenhagen again - Denmark, pt. III

Here are some more pictures from Copenhagen, showing the modernist Knippelsbro bridge and the National Bank designed by Arne Jacobsen as his last major work before his death in 1971. It didn't open until 1978. The second picture is of the largest new build in Copenhagen, the Opera House which opened a few years ago and was built using a large grant from the A.P. Møller Foundation. The building was designed by Henning Larsen, another of the great Danish architects. The third, and final, picture in this batch shows the Danish flag, Dannebrog, over the Sixtus Battery at the entry to the harbour. This is the official Danish flag, which all others must copy.

Knippelsbro with the Danish National Bank in the background

Knippelsbro - Modernist bridge design and the Danish National Bank in the background

Copenhagen Opera House

Copenhagen opera house as seen from the water

The official Dannebrog flag at the Sixtus Battery

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Copenhagen Pictures - Denmark, pt. II

As promised here are now some pictures from Copenhagen. As always, you can see them in bigger sizes by clicking on the photos. Hope you enjoy them!

Vor Frelser Kirke (Church of Our Saviour)

Vor Frelser Kirke (Church of Our Saviour) - tower detail

Frederikskirken/Marmorkirken (the Marble Church) as seen from Amaliehaven through Amalienborg Castle

Frederikskirken/Marmorkirken seen through Amalienborg Palace from Amaliehaven

Boats at Christianshavn

Boats in Christianshavn, Copenhagen

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Photos from Denmark, pt. I

Here are a couple of snaps I took around Frederiksborg Castle last week. I hope you like them. There are loads more snaps from my trip to Denmark and other trips as well on my Flickr profile.

Click on any of the photos to see them in bigger sizes.

Stunning shot of Frederiksborg Slot from an unusual angle

Fountain at Frederiksborg Slot

Atmospheric shot of Frederiksborg Slot, Denmark

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Some of my pictures will soon be published!

I got an email earlier from a small regional Asian magazine which wanted to do an article on elephant polo in Thailand and wanted to use some of the pictures that I took at the Anantara Golden Triangle and its elephant camp back in February 2008. I have told them that they are free to select whichever pictures best suit the feature and I will let you know as soon as I find out which ones will be used. In the meantime, I've included a couple of pictures from Anantara.

Getting ready for it

The big elephant rocker

Thailand, Anantara 188

Friday, 15 February 2008

Pictures from Phuket Pavilions

View across some of the 1 bedroom villas at Phuket Pavilions

Dining at 360, Phuket Pavilions on Valentine's Day 2008

Drinks galore at 360 bar, Phuket Pavilions

View from 360 bar, Phuket

Atmospheric, ne c'est pas?

Here are some photos I took on Valentine's Day 2008 at the 360 Bar, Phuket Pavilions in Thailand. Some of the decorations were rather cheesy, but I have to say that the lighting was great and the views over the bay on the West coast of Phuket at sunset were to die for. Decent cocktails too. And at happy hour they were very reasonable priced at around $10 US for two.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

The weird things we drink, Pt. I

Waiter... there's a snake in my whisky

The Mexicans have their Tequila worms and the Laotians have their... snakes and scorpions.

At the small island of Don Sao in Laos (note to would be travellers: stay away), I saw dozens of bottles lined up at market stalls. As I got closer I could see that they all contained the local specialty: rice whisky with snakes or with scorpions.

Whisky Sour, anyone?

Sunset shots from Hong Kong

Sunset in Hong Kong

Cruising towards the sunset

These photos were both taken at the Star Ferry terminal on the Kowloon side. See post below for further details. For those anoraks interested in that sort of thing, the cruise ship in the photos is the Costa Allegra.
The tall building on the left of the top picture is the number 2 building at IFC (International Finance Centre), known as 2IFC, which at 415 m - or 1,362 ft - is Hong Kong's tallest skyscraper. It will retain this crown until 2010 when they finish construction on the International Commerce Centre.

Junk at sunset in Hong Kong harbour

This shot was taken at the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Kowloon. It is right next to Harbour City and the Ocean Terminal. I used my Sigma 18 - 200mm lens zoomed fully in to capture the junk as it was sailing past buildings on Hong Kong island while I could also capture the sun in between the buildings. I hope you like this shot.

Sunset Junk

Flower in a pond

Flower in pond at Anantara

This picture was taken at the Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand in February 2008.

Burmese Buddha and monks

Buddha and monk in Thachilek, Myanmar

Buddha statue in Thachilek, Myanmar

Close-up of carved wooden monk in Thachilek, Myanmar

Carved from wood and painted with a gold leaf application.

Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf tower & bridge

This picture has at least ONE big fan on Flickr.