Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Copenhagen again - Denmark, pt. III

Here are some more pictures from Copenhagen, showing the modernist Knippelsbro bridge and the National Bank designed by Arne Jacobsen as his last major work before his death in 1971. It didn't open until 1978. The second picture is of the largest new build in Copenhagen, the Opera House which opened a few years ago and was built using a large grant from the A.P. Møller Foundation. The building was designed by Henning Larsen, another of the great Danish architects. The third, and final, picture in this batch shows the Danish flag, Dannebrog, over the Sixtus Battery at the entry to the harbour. This is the official Danish flag, which all others must copy.

Knippelsbro with the Danish National Bank in the background

Knippelsbro - Modernist bridge design and the Danish National Bank in the background

Copenhagen Opera House

Copenhagen opera house as seen from the water

The official Dannebrog flag at the Sixtus Battery

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