Friday, 15 February 2008

Pictures from Phuket Pavilions

View across some of the 1 bedroom villas at Phuket Pavilions

Dining at 360, Phuket Pavilions on Valentine's Day 2008

Drinks galore at 360 bar, Phuket Pavilions

View from 360 bar, Phuket

Atmospheric, ne c'est pas?

Here are some photos I took on Valentine's Day 2008 at the 360 Bar, Phuket Pavilions in Thailand. Some of the decorations were rather cheesy, but I have to say that the lighting was great and the views over the bay on the West coast of Phuket at sunset were to die for. Decent cocktails too. And at happy hour they were very reasonable priced at around $10 US for two.

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